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I see it as my responsibility to share my passion and motivate others to get involved in conservation, particularly younger generations and women. I do this through writing and giving presentations, which you can find below.

Raising awareness: Text

Talk-Université of Liège

I gave a talk at the The Freshwater and OCeanic science Unit of reSearch (FOCUS) in Liège, Belgium, about the MWSP's work and my journey...

Talk-Global Biodiversity Festival

Together with other amazing actors in conservation, I participated to the Global Biodiversity Festival to talk about whale sharks in...

Book-Mon Petit Grenelle de L'écologie

I contributed to a book about ecology and the environment, alongside many French and Belgian important names in conservation. You can buy...

Book-Global Biodiversity Festival

Together with 173 conservation actors from 50 countries, I contributed to this year's Global Biodiversity Festival, speaking about...

Talk-Global Biodiversity Festival

I gave a talk about whale sharks and marine conservation at the online Global Biodiversity Festival, an annual event that features...

Blog-Reach The World

A little piece I wrote for Reach the World about women in exploration.

Talk-Women Blaze Trails Festival

I gave a talk about my path in conservation for the Women Blaze Trails Festival, an online event gathering amazing women explorers.

Interview-Ocean Innovators

A written and video interview for the online platform Ocean Innovators about whale sharks and marine conservation.

Talk-University of Sussex

I was invited to talk about the project at the University of Sussex's Ecology Behaviour and Environment Research Seminar Series.


A short blog about my work as part of Fedactio's series "Women In The Spotlight"


I wrote a blog after my time in Madagascar living with fishermen and women in 2011.

Raising awareness: Blog2
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